Frequently Asked Questions: (click for answer)
Futbol Now is a Unique New Soccer App Designed to put soccer stats and information into the hands of our users. With extensive stat and odds information we want to be a go-to app for soccer lovers around the world.
We cover over 500 leagues, and 1000's of teams across the globe. From South America to Asia and Oeania. You will find leagues, teams, and stats in FutbolNow!
As a free user, you will have access to some key leagues that rotate throughout the years. These leagues include the British Premier League, Brazil's Serie-B, Japan's J-League and more.
Yes. Throughout out the year and depending on activity the FutbolNow! staff will rotate the free leagues.
It is easy, done right in the app, and is only .99 US cents per month (or equivalent user billing currency)
As soccer lovers, we would obviously love to have the highest levels of stats and information across all leagues, however, we are limited to what we get from our Stat provider, and unfortunately data levels will be lower for lower tier leagues and teams.
We are only getting started and we have a lot planned! With some feedback from beta users, we are going to be making some display changes as well as expand language options, odds information, and more! One feature we are looking forward to is implementing odds probability and expert recommendations for key games
An active league is defined as a league/season combination that has had a game/match either within the last 2 months, or in the upcoming 2 weeks.